Rise to Defeat Chapter 1200

Clear Snow Sect! In the middle of the Dan Room. A bronze furnace stood in the centre, ancient and heavy. Terrifying flames surrounded the furnace, emitting gusts of extreme heat, capable of melting gold … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1199

The Seven Clouds Sect Patriarch’s ice dragons were obviously not as solid as those of Qin Li’s, and were soon destroyed by Qin Li’s ice dragons. As for Qin Li’s ice dragons, although they … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1198

Looking at those ice swords right between his eyebrows, the Grand Elder’s heart sucked in a breath of cold air, he had no doubt that if Qin Li really wanted to kill him, he … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1197

When Qin Li heard this, he couldn’t help but feel happy in his heart, he could be thinking of killing this old guy, as long as the other party came forward, it would be … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1196

“Holy shit, who the hell is so arrogant that they dare to run to our Seven Clouds Sect looking for trouble?” The Ninth Elder was furious when he heard this, and immediately huffed and … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 2679

You can’t be imagining things in the future, I really, never disliked you, just like when I was fat like a pig, you never disliked me for being fat and ugly.” Lu Dongming hurriedly … Read more