Rise to Defeat Chapter 1220

The two of them stood against each other. And in the distance, three great Immortal Kings converged to watch the battle. The green-robed Immortal King said, “Brat Qin is brimming with sword intent, he … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1219

“Who dares to fight me?” Qin Li landed on the square, his voice resounding in all directions. At once! The entire arena snapped to silence. All the sword cultivators looked sideways in unison. A … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1218

“It’s this kid!” The girl ran over, pointing at Qin Li with a puffy face and chortling! Behind her were dozens of sword cultivators, all of them at Immortal Zun cultivation levels. “The Sword … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1217

One matter closed. The handwritten notes of the Master were lost and found. Chen Jinyi was escorted off and prepared for interrogation. Qin Li didn’t leave, but stood in place and waited patiently. As … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1216

Qin Li’s heart was clear. However, the surface was calm and ancient. “This injury of yours, it’s not right!”Qin Li pondered for a moment: “From the analysis of the wound, it doesn’t look like … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 365

At this time, someone could not help but mutter in a low voice: “Is there anyone who knows how to introduce us to this?” “Hush …… don’t talk nonsense!” “That’s right, I’ve heard people … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 364

Nine o’clock in the morning, Yin Huang Temple. Zhang Chu, Ninety-Nine, Hot Pot, Chief Lin and the others arrived in their cars. As a result, just as they got out of the car, they … Read more