Fortune Divination Chapter 311

Zhang Chu also frowned slightly, “Hmm? It’s a bit interesting ……”

At this time, Jian Di first asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

The man had a dejected look on his face, “Two masters, you must help me, lately, I always have nightmares of a cloaked stern ghost that strangles me forcefully.”

“Several times, I felt like I was going to be suffocated to death, and after I woke up, I even saw the appearance of that stern ghost, but he disappeared all of a sudden.”

Speaking here, the man had a wistful look on his face, “That’s why I want to ask the two masters to help me see if I’ve encountered a ghost or a ghost, or if it’s just my own mental effect.”

Jian Di’s face was grave, “You have an extremely heavy aura on you, you must have encountered something dirty.”

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, carefully sized up the man and did not speak immediately.

At this moment, Jian Di turned his head to look at Zhang Chu, “You come?”

Zhang Chu shook his head, “You come first, this man’s situation, it’s a bit complicated.”

Hearing Zhang Chu say that, Jian Di instantly hummed, “Then, I will not be polite.”

After saying that, Jian Di came to the man in large strides and circled around the man a few times.

Suddenly, with a twist of his head, Jian Di looked towards one of the corners of the high platform, and a flying dagger appeared violently in his hand, which came straight out of his hand and stabbed towards that corner.


“Squeak squeak ……” a rat’s cry came, the crowd instantly saw that the flying knife, even directly stabbed a big rat as big as a kitten.

“What is this?”The fat host exclaimed in shock.

Jane Di then said, “It’s something that followed him, that thing, attached to a rat, has been following him.”

After Jian Di said this, at the scene, many people had a moment of creepiness.

At the same time, everyone also realised that Jian Di was indeed powerful.

The man, on the other hand, hurriedly said, “Master Jian Di, please, you must save me, during this period of time, I’ve been tortured out of my mind.”

Jane Di then carefully deduced a bit, before saying, “It’s your father.”

“Ah?”The man immediately stared wide-eyed, “What did you say?”

At this time, Jian Di said, “The ghost that haunts you is not an outsider, but your father, your father has been dead for half a year, right?”

The man swallowed a mouthful of water in fear and nodded, “That’s right, but why did my father haunt me?”

“The Feng Shui of the Yin House is bad, he died in peace, so, he came to find you to take out his anger.”Jian Di said.

“Then what should I do?”The man asked.

At this time, Jian Di said, “Simple, re-select a good feng shui treasure land, re-burial, this matter, naturally can be resolved.”

However, when Jian Di said this, the man was silent.

When Jian Di looked at him, he immediately said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll look for a good burial site for your family for free, and I won’t charge you for it.”

“It’s just ……” Jane Di glanced at Zhang Chu, “If I solve this matter, what will you say?”

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, laughed, “Hehe, what do I say? In my opinion, you won’t be able to solve this matter!”

“Then what if I can solve it?”Jian Di asked.

Zhang Chu laughed, “If you can solve this matter without spending any money, then it’s considered a win for you.”

“Why would I spend money?”Jian Di hummed.

Immediately after that, Jian Di looked at the man, “Let’s go, take me to your family’s ancestral tomb and I’ll choose another good place for you.”

As a result, the man unexpectedly shook his head, “If you want to move the graveyard, forget it.”

“Hmm? Why?”Jian Di asked.

The man said, “Where can you just move a graveyard? My family uses a cemetery, it’s simply impossible to move it, okay?”

“Cemetery?”Jian Di frowned slightly, “Even if it’s a cemetery, it’s just a matter of spending a little money and changing the place.”

“Money you pay for me?”The man asked.

Jian Di froze on the spot, “Who am I to give you money?”

The man then said, “Forget it then, I don’t have the money to move the graveyard, if the cemetery side isn’t happy with the feng shui, and you want to change the place, you’ll need at least thirty thousand.”

“Thirty thousand you can’t even take out?”Jian Di asked.

The man shook his head, “I can’t get it out.”

Jian Di was speechless: “But if you don’t move the graveyard, you’ll be haunted by your father’s spirit all the time, do you want to live in peace?”

The man continued to shake his head, “I don’t have the money anyway.”

The man then looked towards Zhang Chu, “Master Zhang, I heard that you are capable, and when people without money come to you to have their fortunes told, you never ask for more than you can afford, can you help me?”

Zhang Chu then looked towards Jian Di, “Do you still want to try?”

Jian Di took a deep breath, “His problem is clearly in the graveyard, however, he refuses to spend money to move the graveyard, what can I do.”

Zhang Chu laughed: “Then you’re still not good at feng shui. Doing feng shui is all about tailoring it to the place and the person. Since the person doesn’t have the money to move the graveyard, then give the person a trick that doesn’t cost any money, or costs less money.”

Jian Di immediately said without any good breath, “Fine, fine, you have the ability, you come, I would like to see, his family’s graveyard has a problem, how do you give a solution.”

At this moment, Lu Yangming also frowned and looked at Zhang Chu with a puzzled expression.

In reality, these Feng Shui masters on the stage were not straw men, whether it was Jian Di or Lu Yangming, they were all people with real skills.

Therefore, faced with this current situation, none of them had much of a good solution, unless they paid out of their own pockets and moved the man’s grave site.

But then again, feng shui masters give people to see the feng shui, change the pattern, at most pity the other party, less charge each other money, where there is their own money to change the feng shui pattern of reason.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes finally fell on Zhang Chu, wanting to see how Zhang Chu could solve this problem.

On the other hand, Zhang Chu said to the man, “As for your problem, it is indeed in the graveyard.”

“So, do you also want me to relocate the graveyard?”The man asked.

Zhang Chu shook his head, “That’s not necessary, let me ask you a question, around your family’s graveyard, in the last two months, was there a woman’s grave that was relocated?”

“Huh? How do you know?”The man was instantly surprised.

Zhang Chu continued to ask, “You’re the one who haunted people and made them move away, right?”

The man’s face was slightly stunned, and he hurriedly said, “It was me who made her family relocate it, that woman, how could she be buried next to my family’s ancestral grave.”

“Why?”Zhang Chu asked.

At this time, the man said, “Because that woman, died from homicide, she was originally a lady sitting in an opera house, and was stabbed to death by her boyfriend.”

“Master, think about it, a young lady, and died from homicide, such a person buried next to my father’s grave, how bad is the feng shui of our family.”

“So, I firmly opposed, let that young lady’s family, moved the grave to another place, it is because of this, I realised that relocating the grave will cost money again.”

At the scene, everyone listening was speechless.

People were buried next to your father, you disliked them for affecting your family’s feng shui, and drove them away, that’s fine.

How is it that now that your family’s graveyard is obviously in trouble, you don’t agree when people want you to move their graves?

So spending other people’s money is not money, spending your money is money, right?

Zhang Chu also laughed: “In fact, I tell you ah, your family’s graveyard, originally all right, that woman buried in your father’s graveyard next to your father, your father is quite happy.”

“The reason why your dad has now turned into a ghost to pinch your neck is because, you drove that woman away.”

After Zhang Chu said this, the man froze, “Ah? There’s still this kind of argument?”