Fortune Divination Chapter 312

When Zhang Chu finished talking about that man’s condition, the scene was suddenly quiet.

The fat host, in particular, was directly confused.

It was only after a long time that the fat host couldn’t help but say, “In other words, his father met a good neighbour, and it turned out to be spoiled by this kid, so now it’s his father who’s coming to settle the score with him!”

Zhang Chu nodded, “Full marks for comprehension!”

The man instantly had a bitter face, “I didn’t know that it wouldn’t work, I thought that it would be bad for feng shui to bury a chicken next to my dad’s grave.”

“Che, your old man is stealing joy, and he’s still not happy.”Zhang Chu skimmed his mouth.

At this moment, many people under the stage burst into laughter, “I go, this dude is really a great filial son!”

“That’s right, it was hard for your father to meet a good neighbour, but you actually drove them away, if I were your father, I’d come and pinch your neck too.”

On the stage, several Feng Shui masters were also confused.

Lu Yangming directly said, “I really didn’t expect that there is such a story in this Feng Shui Bureau, I really didn’t see it.”

Another Feng Shui master also said, “Indeed, just now we just saw that his family’s graveyard was not right, but we didn’t see the cause, I’m really not as good as Zhang Chu.”

“That’s why Zhang Chu is still powerful, much better than us old men, with an iron tongue, his name is true!”

Beside Madam Yu, the crippled man Jian Di was also honest, and directly admitted defeat: “Okay, I’m convinced, he’s really better than me, and I didn’t see the root cause of his family’s bad graveyard.”

Hearing Jian Di admit defeat, the fat host immediately announced, “Good, now I announce, the second match, Zhang Chu wins!”

“Two wins in three games, according to the rules, the later ones are not necessary ……”

Not waiting for the fat host to finish, the man who had died as a father quit, he hurriedly shouted, “Wait, my matter is still unresolved, how come the second match is over?”

“Jian Di conceded defeat ah.”The fat host said, “Jane Di has conceded defeat, so there’s no need to get entangled in the second match.”

“But I haven’t settled my matter yet, I can’t count Zhang Chu as the winner, I must let him settle it for me.”The man shouted.

The fat host laughed: “Jane Di has conceded defeat, then it’s a win for Mr Zhang Chu, as for whether you think it’s finished or not, that doesn’t matter.”

On the scene, many people burst into laughter.

In fact, everyone could see that this man was not a good thing, when other people were buried next to his father’s grave, he made trouble with them, and had to ask them to relocate their gravesite.

And when Jian Di wanted to move the graveyard for his family, he was afraid to spend money.

This kind of person, just imagine how outrageous he was when he was making trouble with people.

So now, people didn’t expect Zhang Chu to help him solve his problem for free.

At this moment, this man was anxious, and he looked towards Zhang Chu, “Master Zhang, please, enlighten me, I’ll repay you in the afterlife as an ox.”

Zhang Chu’s heart slandered, “You damn well didn’t mention money in the slightest.

Preferring to be an ox in the afterlife, refusing to spend a cent in the current world, this kind of oddball, Zhang Chu didn’t want to help.

So Zhang Chu casually said, “I’ll give you a temporary solution, burn a paper man over to your father every month.”

“Ah? You have to spend money every month?”The man’s face was bitter.

Zhang Chu then said, “Well, your father is a lecher, so this solution is temporarily useful.”

“What about a permanent solution?”The man asked.

Nowadays, it wasn’t cheap to buy a tied up paper man, it was several hundred, and a paper man for a month, that was too expensive.

Zhang Chu smiled, “A permanent way? Take thirty thousand and give it to me, I’ll tell you.”

“Thirty thousand!”The man instantly blushed, “Can’t it be cheaper?”

Zhang Chu shook his head, “Thirty thousand is actually something I don’t even want to take.”

In the end, the man chose to leave after a burst of changing colours.

He really couldn’t afford to spend this amount of money.

At this moment, the fat host looked at Blind Han Qiqin again, “Teacher Han, the promised two out of three games, this last one, it seems ……”

The blind man directly sighed, “Ai, forget it, I’ve just seen that I’m really not his opponent, so I won’t humiliate myself.”

Zhang Chu nodded, apart from Yu Po, this blind man and the cripple, were actually quite a bit of character, not so deadbeat.

So Zhang Chu said, “After delaying me for such a long time, you guys didn’t say anything about compensating some lost wages or anything?”

At this time, a chubby guy walked up from the stage, and this guy hurriedly said, “There’s a reward, there’s a reward, since our Cultural Bureau organised this competition, there must be a reward.”

Zhang Chu glanced at the chubby guy and instantly understood that this chubby guy was also one of the participants in this matter, he just didn’t show up directly.

So Zhang Chu asked, “How much is the reward?”

The fatty hurriedly said, “Talking about money would be too tacky, we have a certificate of honour to send you ……”

“Get the hell away from me!”Zhang Chu shouted with a black face.

At this moment, on the high stage, the crowd also intended to leave, and off the stage, many of the audience also turned around.

However, just at this moment, a young man’s voice came out, “Heh, there’s no tiger in the mountain, monkeys call themselves kings, a feng shui competition in Jinling, this is it?”

This voice was very loud and clear, revealing a wave of arrogance and disdain for Jinling’s Feng Shui masters.

At this moment, whether it was some of the Feng Shui masters on the stage, or the audience below the stage, they all turned their heads at once and looked in the direction where the voice came from.

Only to see that on the steps of the high platform, a young man in a suit with a straight figure was picking his way up the steps with a sneer on his face.

His gaze, which kept falling on Zhang Chu, seemed to have a deep hostility towards him.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, frowned slightly, he didn’t recognise this fellow, who is this?

Shangguan Qingxue immediately whispered, “He is Gu Mingyang, the young Feng Shui master that my grandfather brought back.”

Zhang Chu instantly sized up Gu Mingyang, he was indeed a talented, jade-like figure, second only to himself in terms of handsomeness.

At the same time, Zhang Chu realised that although he seemed to be staring at Zhang Chu, his afterglow had actually been focusing on Shangguan Qingxue.

When Shangguan Qingxue whispered in a low voice to Zhang Chu, Gu Mingyang’s complexion was clearly a little unsightly.

Zhang Chu immediately whispered, “It seems that he has his eyes on you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!”Shangguan Qingxue said.

Zhang Chu whispered, “I guess, he must have invited you for dinner.”

“I didn’t agree.”Shangguan Qingxue said.

Zhang Chu instantly laughed and whispered, “See, I’d say he’s got his eye on you, clearly it was your family’s old man who invited him here, but as a result, he actually took the initiative to invite you to dinner, he must have had thoughts about you in his heart.”

Shangguan Qingxue immediately spread her hands, “Then I don’t know.”

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, laughed, “Hehe, it seems that this bastard found out that you were sitting next to me and was uncomfortable in his heart, so he wanted to come out to find his presence.”

As for Gu Mingyang, when he realised that Zhang Chu and Shangguan Qingxue were talking and laughing, and did not put him in the least bit in his eyes, Gu Mingyang suddenly shouted:

“I say, is this the level of your Feng Shui masters in Jinling? Is this also considered a Xuan Sect Art Competition? Ridiculous!”

Gu Mingyang said “your Feng Shui masters from Jinling”, and many people were instantly upset.

Especially the audience under the stage, most of whom were Jinling locals, unconsciously found such words harsh.

An old man instantly shouted, “Young man, it’s not your turn to point out how our Jinling is doing, is it?”

“That’s right, who are you!”

“Where is this Iron Bean from, sticking two onions on a pig’s nose and treating yourself like an elephant?”

Although the audience below the stage had voiced their accusations, Gu Mingyang took a step to the high stage, he looked at Zhang Chu with a disdainful face, “Hey, dare to have a match?”

Zhang Chu laughed, “Who are you? Who are you to compete with me? If anyone who comes up on stage and says a few words can compete with me, then our Feng Shui masters in Jinling would have dropped too much in value.”

At this moment, the fat host also hurriedly said, “That’s right, this gentleman, this competition of ours is over, please don’t disturb the order of the scene.”

Gu Mingyang then stared at Zhang Chu and shouted, “You don’t dare?”

Zhang Chu laughed, “Kid, not everyone is qualified to challenge me, Yu Po and the few of them, at least they are still considered to be famous for a long time, what’s your name? What’s your battle record, take it out and tell me about it.”

“I am Gu Ming Yang, my grandfather is Feng Shui Master Gu Tian En.”Gu Mingyang said.

Zhang Chu shook his head, “Never heard of it.”

“You-” Gu Mingyang’s expression stiffened, “Lonely!”