Fortune Divination Chapter 313

Zhang Chu laughed, “Is your grandfather as famous as Master Lu Yangming?”

Gu Mingyang once again had a stiff expression, “Not as famous as, but ……”

At this time, Lv Mingyang laughed, “Zhang Chu, Gu Tian’en is still somewhat famous, specialising in Yang Mansion Reasoning, he is considered quite famous.”

Zhang Chu then got up, “Want to compete with me right? Break this Feng Shui Bureau and I will accept your challenge, otherwise, go home and eat your milk.”

Saying that, Zhang Chu pointed at the cardboard box in front of him.

Previously, this cardboard box was used to hold back some roasted chicken and wine.

And now, with a casual finger and a thought, Zhang Chu directly released the Fox Woman within the first floor of the Star Tower.

Now, the fox woman’s soul shrunk to the size of a palm and was hidden in the tiny box.

Although it was very small, the moment the Fox Granny appeared, a certain bizarre aura suddenly swept through the entire Hibiscus Street!

Everyone, even if they weren’t in the vicinity of the high platform surrounding them, felt their scalps tingle and the hairs on their bodies rise in sweat.

A great demon had descended!

The entire Hibiscus Street was instantly plunged into an eerie silence!

Although the Fox Lady looked honest on the first floor of the Star Tower, but truly descending into the world, even though the main body did not appear, it still made everyone within a three-mile radius feel an inexplicable terror.

At this moment, the originally incredibly noisy Hibiscus Street, surprisingly, in an instant, a needle could not be heard, and between heaven and earth, some kind of bizarre and terrifying aura affected everyone!

On the high stage, Lu Yangming stood up violently, his face pale.

His voice was shivering a little, “This …… this is ……”

Beside Lu Yangming, a few other old men also immediately had grave faces as they nervously looked at Zhang Chu.

The three of them, Madam Yu, similarly had unsightly faces and looked very nervous.

Beside Zhang Chu, Shangguan Qingxue also held her breath nervously and couldn’t help but grasp Zhang Chu’s arm tightly.

As for Gu Mingyang, he was even covered in goosebumps as his entire body froze.

At this moment, the box gave him the feeling as if there was a terrifying flood beast hidden inside, and as long as he dared to move, what was inside would instantly devour him, with no bones left!

Quiet, eerie and complete silence!

No one knew what was happening, everyone felt that above their heads, it seemed as if there were terrifying great demons looking down on the earth, picking out food.

Whoever was chosen would become the food of the great demon.

Even the crying children had forgotten to cry.

Zhang Chu also did not expect that releasing the Yu Po would have such a terrifying effect.

In his heart, he immediately cursed, “Scratch that, I forgot that this old bastard came from the distant past, it’s too fierce!”

In reality, none of the divine souls within the Exile Land were weak.

Don’t look at Fox Granny wilting within the Exile Ground, but any divine soul that could survive the endless loneliness within the Exile Ground and didn’t turn into a candle was a terrifying and boundless great demon in their time.

Therefore, the sudden appearance of the Fox Lady silenced the entire heaven and earth.

Of course, even though Granny Fox had come out, her divine soul essence was still within the Star Pagoda, and Zhang Chu only needed to give a thought for her to go back.

Therefore, at this moment, Granny Fox, honestly staying in that paper box, could only look out through some gaps.

At this moment, the fox woman’s eyes were spent.

The world outside was too wonderful, with tall buildings, handsome men and women, all of which she had never seen before.

However, Zhang Chu had only allowed her to come out for a while, and the fox woman felt depressed.

However, she didn’t dare to run because she knew that if she dared to make any movements, Zhang Chu would be able to exterminate her with a single thought!

At this moment, Zhang Chu spoke, ”Hey, Gu Mingyang, didn’t you want to challenge me? Fine, I’ll give you a chance to break the ghost formation I set up.”

“Come on!”

However, Gu Ming Yang was cold with fear, not to mention breaking the formation, right now, he didn’t even dare to move.

The aura within that cardboard box was too terrifying, he felt that, facing this cardboard box, his own divine soul, was like a candle in a raging storm, as long as he was not careful, he would be blown out.

Right now, Gu Mingyang was so stiff that he didn’t even have the courage to speak back to Zhang Chu.

As soon as Zhang Chu took a look at Gu Mingyang’s expression, he immediately laughed, he got up, came to Gu Mingyang’s side, and patted Gu Mingyang’s shoulder, “Buddy, you’re moving.”

“I ……” Gu Mingyang shivered in fear.

“Do you want me to help out and remove the cardboard box, so that you can say hello to the big baby inside,?”Zhang Chu asked.

Gu Mingyang’s scalp immediately went numb, he had a feeling that as long as he looked at what was inside, he might have to turnip.

However, Zhang Chu didn’t seem to understand Gu Ming Yang’s thoughts as he directly stepped forward and was about to open that cardboard box.

When Gu Mingyang saw this, he was so scared that his legs went limp and he knelt on the ground with a thud.

“Don’t!”Gu Mingyang finally shouted out, “Please, don’t!”

Zhang Chu laughed as he gently waved his hand, “Since you’re such a bear, forget it.”

At this moment, the fox woman’s soul was, once again, collected by Zhang Chu into the Star Pagoda’s second level of the Exile Ground.

The moment Zhang Chu collected the Fox Woman, the entire Hibiscus Street, that bizarre aura, instantly disappeared.

At that moment, throughout the entire Hibiscus Street, everyone let out a long breath and inexplicably relaxed.

A young lady who originally had a straight figure, suddenly let out a breath, and her stomach instantly turned into a watermelon shape.

An old man, directly dropped the walking stick in his hand and sat on the ground with a thud.

The child who had been so scared that he forgot to cry, suddenly cried out with a wow and flung himself into his mother’s arms ……

The entire Hibiscus Street, as if it suddenly came out of the Ice Age, the cold sculpture instantly restored the fireworks.

As for Gu Mingyang, who had previously knelt on the ground in fear, he also felt as if a sword on his neck had disappeared, and instantly regained his freedom, gasping for breath.

At this moment, Zhang Chu smiled and looked at Gu Mingyang who was kneeling on the ground, “Hey, how is the Feng Shui master in Jinling?”

“I …… “Gu Mingyang opened his mouth, unable to say anything.

He knew that he had lost, lost completely.

He hadn’t even looked at Zhang Chu’s methods clearly, he had just waved his hand lightly, and he didn’t even have the courage to look at that box.

Completely not a person from the same world!

At this moment, Zhang Chu directly said, “So ah young man, don’t be proud and arrogant, just this bit of your dao line, want to compare with Jinling’s Feng Shui master, far from it, unless you let your grandfather crawl out from the graveyard, otherwise, hehe ……”

But immediately after, Zhang Chu’s expression changed again, “Hmm? How a smell of urine!”

At this time, Zhang Chu immediately turned around and shouted, “Hot Pot, you bastard, did you pee?”

Hot Pot instantly walked out from under the stage and screamed a few times with an aggrieved face while pointing his nose at Gu Ming Yang.

Zhang Chu instantly looked underneath Gu Ming Yang, and immediately exclaimed, “Aigoo, Great Feng Shui Master Gu, you’re directly scared to pee!”

Under the stage, many people heard this and wanted to laugh, but they couldn’t.

Although that weird aura had just disappeared, it still affected many people, and everyone was still immersed in that horrible feeling.

And Gu Mingyang’s heart was unbearable.

Even if it was humiliating, the key was still being so humiliated in front of Shangguan Qingxue.

As Zhang Chu had said, Gu Ming Yang had noticed Shangguan Qingxue after arriving at the Shangguan Family.

Shangguan Qingxue was too good, she was pretty and had an outstanding figure, but she also had a business mind and was a strong woman.

Gu Mingyang felt that only a master level figure like him could be worthy of Shangguan Qingxue.

But now …… he just wants to find a crack in the ground.

Not far away, Madam Yu was even more frightened, her liver and gall blown apart, she finally realised that she and Zhang Chu, were completely two worlds.

People who look at feng shui are just playing around.

If she really annoyed Zhang Chu, he would casually use some means, such as releasing the contents of the box, and even a hundred of her would not be enough to eat.

At this moment, Madam Yu completely admitted defeat.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, shouted to that fat man from the Cultural Affairs Bureau, “That fat man, hurry up and tear down this stage for me, otherwise, as soon as you go to the toilet tonight, there will immediately be a little ghost sitting on the toilet waiting for you!”

The fat man was instantly scared and shivered, “Master, I’ll tear it down right away, right now!”