Fortune Divination Chapter 314

A farce ended, and the high platform outside Zhang Chu’s small shop was dismantled without even using it for two hours.

Lu Yangming and a few others, on the other hand, sat in Zhang Chu’s small shop for a while.

After casually chatting for a few moments, these old men also left.

Zhang Chu’s small shop, returned to normal.

In the afternoon, Shangguan Qingxue and Lin SiYu came back to Zhang Chu’s small shop, and at this moment, Shangguan Qingxue was very happy.

As soon as they entered, Shangguan Qingxue shouted, “Zhang Chu, thank you so much for today.”

Zhang Chu instantly asked, “Thank me? Why?”

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue said, “That Gu Mingyang, completely scared out of his wits by you, directly ran away after returning to the Shangguan Family.”

Zhang Chu, on the contrary, had an indifferent face, “Let me I will also run away.”

To be honest, Zhang Chu had even sacrificed a big move like the Fox Woman, and Gu Mingyang’s strength was obviously far inferior to Zhang Chu.

Plus he was unfamiliar with the area, his strength was not as good as others, and he also took the initiative to provoke Zhang Chu, as long as the brain was normal, all understood that he had to hurry and run, right?

At this time, Shangguan Qingxue said, “My grandfather also retained him, but as a result, he said that there are more powerful Feng Shui masters than him on Furong Street, and that he didn’t dare to change the Feng Shui in Jinling.”

Zhang Chu nodded his head, “Still counts on him having some eyesight.”

Zhang Chu was still quite happy that this matter could be resolved in this manner, saving himself the trouble of looking for him.

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue and Lin SiYu sat down.

Then, Shangguan Qingxue said, “Zhang Chu, I feel that, your little shop needs to recruit someone.”

“Recruit someone? You have relatives who don’t have jobs?”Zhang Chu asked.

Shangguan Qingxue instantly said without any good humour, “If my relatives don’t have a job, I’ll arrange it myself, I just simply feel that you can’t always get a dog to help you in your shop, more or less you should also arrange someone.”

Hot pot immediately shouted: “Woof woof woof, I can steal takeaway to feed my grandfather, arrange a person, but also collect wages, not cost-effective!”

Shangguan Qingxue hurriedly said, “Hotpot, it’s not that you’re bad, but Zhang Chu’s little shop is in a financial mess, it’s best to find someone to help him with his accounts.”

“Besides, you can’t just draft me over and act as an accountant for you when you come across big money.”Shangguan Qingxue said helplessly.

As soon as Zhang Chu heard this, he knew that all of that money he had made from selling magic artefacts had already been transferred away by his master.

Obviously, Shangguan Qingxue wasn’t too keen on taking Zhang Chu’s money and transferring it haphazardly, and she wanted to shake off this matter.

Zhang Chu considered for a moment, indeed, it was not like he was paying Shangguan Qingxue’s salary, and it would not be appropriate to leave the financial matters to her.

So Zhang Chu nodded, “Well, I’ll think about it.”

Lin SiYu instantly said, “Consider what ah, it’s not expensive to recruit a college student now, it’s much cheaper than a migrant worker.”

“That’s also true.”Zhang Chu instantly felt that what Lin SiYu said was very reasonable.

At this time, Lin SiYu’s eyes turned and she spoke, “Zhang Chu, aren’t you able to calculate? Why don’t you do some calculations on who is destined to come to your shop to work as an accountant, and get the person directly, saving you the trouble of recruiting.”

After Lin SiYu finished saying this, one of the buttons on her chest suddenly popped open, revealing a flash of black skeleton.

At this time, Lin SiYu hurriedly covered her chest, “Oops, the quality of this dress is really poor!”

Zhang Chu then laughed, “It’s your boyfriend who’s giving it a go, making you all second growth.”

Shangguan Qingxue: emm……

However, Lin SiYu’s words had just been said, and immediately after that, the buttons were propped open, so it seemed that there was some kind of omen.

At this time, Zhang Chu’s mind flashed with a bright light, and a piece of catchphrase came out, “The Jade Rabbit can’t hide the buttons from opening, and the Golden Wind and Jade Dew come to the door!”

“Hm? What does that mean?”Shangguan Qingxue instantly looked odd, “You’re saying that the person you’re trying to recruit will come to the door on their own today.”

Zhang Chu laughed, “That’s right, speak of the devil and the devil will come, today Lin SiYu has taken up the word ‘prophecy’, the so-called prophecy, her words today are more or less accurate.”

As soon as Zhang Chu’s words fell, at the entrance of the small shop, there suddenly came a girl’s shouting voice: “Meat buns, steaming hot meat buns, don’t pay if they’re not hot!”

“Meat buns, steaming meat buns, don’t pay if they’re not hot!”

“Here she is!”Zhang Chu’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly walked out.

Shangguan Qingxue and Lin SiYu were also very curious at once, they hurriedly followed out, wanting to see how Zhang Chu could lure a bun seller into his shop as an accountant.

As soon as Zhang Chu went out, he saw that a young girl of eighteen or nineteen years of age, dressed beautifully and wearing a small white apron, as if she was a little cook, was pushing a small food cart and hawking along the street.

There was a kind of clear stupidity in this little girl’s eyes, looking as if a little lamb had just entered society, full of curiosity about her surroundings.

Moreover, this little schoolgirl seemed to be broadcasting live.

She was also pointing her mobile phone at her face from the shelf of her snack cart.

Zhang Chu instantly stopped her, “Pretty girl, how do you sell the buns?”

The little girl hurriedly said, “One dollar a piece, buy ten and get three free, boss, taste it, it’s delicious.”

While saying this, the little girl lifted up the small quilt covering the buns, took one out, and took a hard bite.

Immediately after, the little girl said with a face of intoxication, “Wow, it’s so delicious!”

Then, the little girl earnestly marketed to Zhang Chu, “Boss, it’s because I know that his family’s buns are delicious that I wholesaled five hundred of them, and came over here specifically to sell them, try it, it’s especially tasty, pork-filled.”

Saying that, the little girl herself took another bite, both cheeks puffed up high, as if a little hamster that stole a chestnut.

It was obvious that she really liked eating meat buns.

While eating the bun, the little girl had a happy and satisfied face.

Zhang Chu had no doubt that if no one bought her five hundred buns, it was estimated that she could eat them all herself.

So Zhang Chu said, “Any cold buns? Give me ten.”

“Cold ones, huh? I’ll find them for you!”The little girl said hurriedly.

Soon, she found ten meat buns from the edge position, wrapped them up for Zhang Chu, and handed them to him.

After Zhang Chu got the meat buns, he turned around and walked towards his shop.

The little girl was instantly confused as she hurriedly shouted, “Boss, you haven’t paid yet!”

“Pay for what???”Zhang Chu asked with a puzzled expression.

“Bun money!”The little girl blinked her big eyes, also with a face of incredulity, this person, how could she not pay for eating buns!

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, perked up, “Didn’t you say that buns don’t cost money if they’re not hot? I want cool buns!”

“Ah?”The little girl was confused.

Shangguan Qingxue and Lin SiYu also had a head full of question marks, this is the employee you are looking for? What the hell is it that you don’t talk to people about their salary and wages and directly go to grab their buns!

However, the two women didn’t say anything, they wanted to see how Zhang Chu could lure people in.

At this moment, a group of people also swiped the screen at once in the live broadcast room of the little girl’s mobile phone:

“There’s nothing wrong with it!”

“This money can’t be given!”

“What people say is justified, anchor, talk counts, cold buns can’t be charged!”

“That’s right, we all heard it, the anchor shouted the buns don’t get hot don’t pay.”


The little girl was instantly enraged.

She was Ye Lei, who was actually a small video anchor.

Today, Ye Lei had promised her fans to come out and try to do business to see if she could make money.

As a result, this point in time wasn’t even meal time, and she had already eaten six of her own meat buns before she could even sell one.

Now, it was so hard to meet someone who asked for a price, but they didn’t give her money, which was a small matter of losing money, but a big matter of being laughed at by her fans.

If she couldn’t get the money back, it was estimated that those sand sculpted fans of hers would make a bunch of strange emoticons for ya in minutes.

Besides, a bun costs one yuan, she ate six, Zhang Chu took away ten, she only got sixteen yuan of reward today, this back and forth, she also lost nine yuan!

Where was this going to work!

Thus, Ye Lei directly went forward and grabbed Zhang Chu’s wrist, “You bad guy, stop for me!”