Fortune Divination Chapter 315

Zhang Chu immediately had a tiger face, “Talking is not good, is it?”

Ye Lei immediately took her own mobile phone and took a shot at Zhang Chu’s face, “Everyone come and take a look, this man took my meat bun and doesn’t want to pay!”

On the street, quite a few people stopped at once, looking odd.

Zhang Chu was now a celebrity, many people knew him, and most people didn’t believe it when they said that Zhang Chu didn’t pay for his meat bun.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, defended with an innocent expression, “It was her own words, don’t pay if it’s not hot, I specifically asked for cold buns, why should I pay?”

The pedestrians on the street all snickered at once, everyone could see that Zhang Chu was deliberately teasing this little girl.

The little girl, on the other hand, grabbed Zhang Chu’s wrist with a death grip, “No, anyway, you have to pay after taking the meat bun.”

Zhang Chu then looked at the little girl’s mobile phone and asked, “You’re doing a live broadcast, right?”

“That’s right!”Ye Lei said.

Zhang Chu nodded, “Then let the viewers of your live stream vote, those who agree that I should eat the meat buns for free, deduct 1. Those who think that I should spend money, deduct 2, let your viewers make the decision, okay?”

Ye Lei didn’t even think about it and immediately agreed, “Good!”

But the next moment, Ye Lei wanted to slap herself on the head.

What a pig brain she was!

What were those guys in the live broadcast room like? All day long, they couldn’t wait for Ye Lei to wear clothes that fell off the buttons, walk off the pits, and even hoped that she would choke on her own mouthful of water.

How could these guys be towards themselves.

Sure enough, at this moment, Ye Lei’s live broadcast room instantly “1” screen.

Zhang Chu calmly took out a bun and stuffed it into his mouth, looking at the pop-ups in the live broadcast room while saying, “Hot pot is right, anything that doesn’t cost money is delicious.”

Ye Lei was immediately aggrieved, “You’re a bully!”

Zhang Chu then laughed, “Don’t cry, I’m saving you.”

“Saving me? What are you saving me with? What do you call saving me if you don’t give me money? Do you think I’m stupid?”Ye Lei asked a bunch of questions in a row.

Zhang Chu then pointed at Ye Lei’s small food cart, “I can tell fortunes, you’re a rabbit, right?”

“Che, is it amazing to guess my genus?”Ye Lei was very unbelieving.

Zhang Chu then said, “Your cart belongs to the weasel, it has a bogey, if you stay around it all the time, it will bring you bad luck.”

“Hey, can you be more outrageous? It belongs to the weasel? Why haven’t I heard that weasels will eat rabbits!”Ye Lei shouted.

However, just as Ye Lei’s voice fell, an older woman on an electric bike, whose car suddenly lost control, knocked over Ye Lei’s snack cart with a rumble.

The buns directly scattered all over the place!

“My meat buns!”Ye Lei cried at once, wholesaling these meat buns had cost her more than two hundred yuan!

And after that big mum loaded up Ye Lei’s snack cart, she even picked up the electric car and ran.

“Stop right there!”Ye Lei let go of Zhang Chu’s hand and was about to go after that big mum.

At the same time, Ye Lei took her mobile phone, opened the live broadcast and shouted to the audience, “Everyone, look, that big mum hit my car car and even tried to run away, old people nowadays are too bad!”

When the big mum heard Ye Lei’s voice, she stopped and turned her head to Ye Lei and said, “Girl, if you tell me to stand still, I’m going to lie down.”

Ye Lei was instantly confused.

Countless pop-ups flew up in Ye Lei’s live broadcast room:

“Yes, this is very ama!”

“Anchor, just let her lie down, let’s see how much oil you can be blackmailed out of, poor her to death!”

“Anchor, tough it out with her!”


Ye Lei wasn’t stupid, where else would she dare to stop the big mum, she could only let the others take off.

Ye Lei was at a loss, all of a sudden lost several hundred dollars, she this month, I’m afraid I can only eat noodles ah.

At this moment, Zhang Chu came from behind Ye Lei: “Now believe that I am saving you, right? If I didn’t lure you away from the side of the cart, you would have been scalded by those buns.”

“You’re bollocks!”Ye Lei was furious, “If you hadn’t stopped me, I would have pushed the cart away and wouldn’t have been hit at all.”

Zhang Chu then hemmed and hawed, “It won’t, no matter where you pushed the cart, you would have been hit, I’m the one who saved you.”

“Hmph!”Ye Lei was also too lazy to get annoyed with Zhang Chu, she turned around, ready to go clean up her stall.

The meat buns could not be sold, but the cart was rented and had to be returned.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, shouted, “Meizi, I see that you’re quite short of money, why don’t you, come and work in my shop.”

“Ah?”Ye Lei was instantly elated, “Are you willing to let me work and study?”

Well, Ye Lei was still a student, near Furong Street, there was a finance and economics college, and Ye Lei was studying there.

If she could get a work-study position, Ye Lei would definitely be happy.

Zhang Chu then beckoned, “Come to my shop.”

When Ye Lei looked up, she immediately saw the four big words “Iron Mouth”, and at this moment, Ye Lei immediately exclaimed, “You’re really a charlatan!”

“What kind of godly man? I told you to call me boss in the future!”Zhang Chu said.

Paying money was a master, Ye Lei hurriedly followed Zhang Chu and arrived at the shop.

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue sized up Ye Lei, “Is this the person you want to recruit? How does it look, a little ……”

Shangguan Qingxue didn’t have the heart to say down, she felt that this little girl, wasn’t too from the smart look.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, saw Shangguan Qingxue’s thoughts, he directly said, “This child is simple, and professional counterparts, in the future it will be mixed with me, give her a full-time entry procedure.”

“That won’t work, I’m still in school! I can only work part-time, work-study.”Ye Lei said.

Zhang Chu instantly asked back, “Then what are you going to school for?”

“When I graduate, I can find a good job.”Ye Lei said.

Zhang Chu: “Then I can give you a good job right now.”

“Eh …… But, I haven’t graduated yet.”Ye Lei said.

“I want you even if you haven’t graduated.”

“But, it always seems …… like it’s not good, I always need to get a degree.”Ye Lei was quite insistent.

“Ten thousand a month.”Zhang Chu said.

Ye Lei immediately opened her mouth wide, stared wide-eyed, and took two steps back, “Boss, you won’t have any intentions for me, right?”

Zhang Chu immediately looked disdainful, “With your bean sprout-like figure, when the lights are switched off at night, you don’t even know whether you’re holding a man or a woman, do I have any intentions towards you? I have a sinkhole in my brain ah I have intentions towards you.”

Ye Lei instantly glared, seemed to be very angry, she held it in for a long time before she roared, “Good!”

At this time, Ye Lei decided that she would not withdraw from school, at most, she would miss work and go to school at that time, wanting to make herself give up her studies was impossible!

At this time, Zhang Chu asked, “You studied accounting, right?”

Ye Lei nodded, “Hmm!”

Zhang Chu was instantly overjoyed, “I like your kind of doing accounting, when the time comes, you’ll do fake accounts for me and together you’ll hoodwink my master.”

Ye Lei’s expression was horrified, “Boss, I’m only in my second year of college, I haven’t learnt to do fake accounts yet, I’ve heard that you have to learn in your fourth year of college before you can do fake accounts.”

Zhang Chu was indifferent: “It’s fine, once you’re born, twice you’re familiar with it, try it a few more times and you’ll naturally know it.”

“Ah? Is it so casual?……” Ye Lei felt that this job of hers didn’t seem particularly serious.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, pointed at Lin Siwen, “Right, in the future, if there’s anything you don’t know, you can ask Lin Siwen.”

After saying that, Zhang Chu directly drew out three thousand yuan in cash and handed it to Ye Lei, “This is your settlement fee!”

“Then, one month’s salary of ten thousand, pay on the first of the month, manage the finances for me yourself, and when the time comes, just pay yourself.”Zhang Chu said.

Ye Lei was still a little confused, she nodded, “Oh oh oh ……”

Thus, once the simple process was gone, Ye Lei was smoothly employed and became Zhang Chu’s secretary and finance.